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The world is at risk due to an epidemic caused by novel coronavirus or COVID-19. As recommended by the World Health Organization or WHO, Repeated hand washing and cleaning after touching any exposed surfaces can prevent the spread of the virus. People who clean or wash their hands regularly are less likely to get an infection or a virus. Traditional hand sanitizers are common to use and people are seeing advanced and really effective sanitizers that can be used for many surfaces and not just for hands.This is the place CleaniX UV Sanitizer acts the hero. It is an UV-fueled sanitizer that cleans hands, yet in addition surfaces that are presented to the infection.

Hybridization is the very first active activity that you can take to stay germ-free. Once you are exposed to germs and bacteria, you start taking precautions but how to be active beforehand. We have been sanctifying ourselves for a long time but with the idea of ​​cleaning the things we use or the environment in which we live, we cannot, of course, clean all the surfaces that We touch but we can start doing it with our daily use things. Like gadgets, hand mugs, or accessories.What if we have a sanitizing device that will clean and disinfect things and their surfaces?

Its interest is high in Italy, Spain, UK, USA, Australia, Serbia, India, NZ, Switzerland, and Singapore. We have brought you exactly the same kind of sanitizing tool which is very easy to use in day to day life. Now the time has come for you to clean your devices with your hands

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What is cleaniX?

CleaniX is a small device that acts as a sanitizer for your mobile, headset, laptop, computer, tablet, or any other daily-use gadget that you come in daily contact with. It emits ultraviolet rays when you walk it on the things you want to sanitize. It is very smooth and attractive in design and can be easily folded. With UV rays, it sanitizes the entire surface of your gadgets or anything you want to clean.


This makes things free of germs. It is portable to carry so there is no problem in moving it from one place to another. You only need to charge it a few times a day. Power consumption is also very good. It is safe and anyone can use it. CleaniX is a simple and smart way to get active along with your devices and things.

Therefore, no more skin irritation or damage to expensive surfaces with alcohol-based sanitizers and antibacterial sprays can occur when the CleaniX UV sanitizer can destroy surfaces and skin using UV rays instead of alcohol. It is chemical-free and harmless and is an easy to use and efficient solution to keep your home and office clean at all times.

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Highlights of CleaniX UV Sanitizer:-

CleaniX UV Sanitizer is a portable UV powered sanitizer that comes with the ability to eliminate bacteria and germs using medical-grade ultraviolet rays emitted from the device. Some highlights of this sanitizer include:-

  • Wipeout poisonous cells 
  • Productively crushes infections, microbes, and germs 
  • Cleans surfaces utilizing bright beams 
  • Shields clients from introduction to germs and infections 
  • It is easy to use and simple to utilize.
  • Comes with a rechargeable battery and has a long-lasting backup that lasts 24 hours with a single charging
  • Safe to use on all surfaces and objects
  • It is safe for your skin as well as all exposed surfaces
  • Lightweight and portable that you can easily carry in your pocket and hand purse.

Working Process Of Cleanix:-

Ultraviolet rays are clinically proven to kill over 99% of bacteria and viruses and other pathogens. The UV light emitted from the sanitizer kills the microorganisms’ DNA and ensures that it does not spread or grow after that. The CleaniX UV sanitizer utilizes a similar disinfectant radiation innovation as a compact gadget additionally called UV light that you can without much of a stretch handle on completely uncovered surfaces. The sanitizer guarantees that pathogens are executed and expelled on completely uncovered surfaces.

The CleaniX UV sanitizer utilizes high-recurrence UV light to obliterate the microorganisms’ DNA and murders sullied particles on totally uncovered and uncovered surfaces, including your hands. With the utilization of sanitizer, you can likewise clean different machines, attire, other uncovered surfaces, and your hands. It works productively and makes surfaces and home germ-free surprisingly fast. You just need to switch on the device and divide it on the surfaces you want to sanitize for 10-20 minutes to permanently destroy the germs and microorganisms present on the particular surface.

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How To Use CleaniX UV Sanitizer?

CleaniX UV Sanitizer is a successful gadget that can wipe out microscopic organisms and germs utilizing the bright light. You can use this sanitizer to clean and disinfect any exposed surfaces and objects. You just have to split the device on exposed surfaces for 10-20 minutes and ultraviolet light will efficiently kill and destroy germs and viruses from the surfaces.

This sanitizer arrives in a rectangular box and expects clients to flip it and hold the gadget on surfaces to open it and turn it on with the goal that UV light can sparkle on a superficial level or article that you need to disinfect. The UV light will kill consequently in the wake of sterilizing the surface and it takes scarcely 10 minutes to purify the surface contingent on the size of the surface or article.

Is Safe To Use CleaniX UV Sanitizer?

CleaniX UV Sanitizer is totally sheltered on the grounds that bright light is viewed as safe for human use and doesn’t make any damage to any surface or skin of clients. Many people misunderstand UV light with harmful UV rays from sunlight, but in reality, it is different because the ultraviolet light used in the device is controlled and its intensity is well maintained for human use Is kept. In addition, the device automatically shuts off the surface when it finishes sanitizing the surface and ensures that no unnecessary UV light is exposed to your skin.

Subsequently, thinking about reality, it would not be a distortion to express that CleaniX UV Sanitizer is a sheltered and innocuous sterilizing gadget that people can use to keep their home, office, and all surfaces protected and clean from unsafe infections and microscopic organisms.

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Pros & Cons of CleaniX UV Sanitizer


  • It utilizes clinical evaluation of bright lights that are harmful 
  • The gadget is useful for sterilizing all surfaces and articles 
  • No harming consequences for surfaces or skin 
  • Kill and devastates pathogens, dust, and microorganisms 
  • Successful on influenza infections and different microorganisms 
  • Murders the DNA of microorganisms to forever clean the surface 
  • Compact and little gadget and simple to convey and utilize 
  • It is battery controlled and consequently, it tends to be utilized anyplace and whenever 
  • It is absolutely protected and no unsafe for you.


  • The gadget is just accessible online from its site and not at any retails tore 
  • Appropriate just for specific influenza infections 
  • No proof whether it works best for COVID-19 
  • Counseling your PCP before utilizing it for hand cleansing is fundamental

Effects of CleaniX UV Sanitizer?

Indeed, there are no records to verification its symptoms. It is totally alright for human use as it utilizes the equivalent trend-setting innovation utilized on medicals and emergency clinics for disinfection purposes and subsequently, obviously, this gadget is absolutely ok for your utilization.

Be that as it may, a few people may create symptoms whenever utilized for broadened hours on their skin. It can die down consequently and on the off chance that you feel that the gadget causes redness, aggravation, and rashes because of UV light, counsel your primary care physician promptly and try to utilize it under your PCP’s management.

Customer’s Feedback!

“When I couldn’t find any sanitizer in the market, I resorted to the CleaniX UV sanitizer and found it to be an effective solution for all of my sanitization purposes. Now I can sanitize my car, home, office and all those exposed surfaces Can, who suffer from COVID. -19 virus. It helped me a lot to disinfect the surfaces and objects of my house. “

“It was not possible to destroy exposed surfaces with traditional alcohol-based sanitizers. Therefore, I started to find effective solutions and I came up with CleaniX UV sanitizer. After using this sanitizing device I found that it was quite effective and used. Easy to do and uses every gadget. Items and even toilet seats can be cleaned using CleaniX UV sanitizer. “

“I was concerned about the epidemic caused by a coronavirus and was looking for a sanitizer that could clean all the surfaces of my home and office and I was suggested with a CleaniX UV sanitizer. I started using it and found that it is a very effective and reliable solution for the disinfection of exposed surfaces.”

Where To Buy CleaniX UV Sanitizer?

CleaniX UV Sanitizer is the disinfecting gadget that is just accessible to buy on the web. This sanitizer isn’t accessible at any retail location close to you and you need to visit its site to put the request for your own sanitizer.

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